Sheila Appel Alexander, M.A.S.

Phone: 815-787-5709
Fax: 815-981-3012

Sheila Appel Alexander is the Vice President of American Midwest Tax & Accounting, Inc. and has been working in finance for almost two decades. Originally working as a bank teller and book keeper, Sheila eventually moved to American Midwest Bank.

While working as a teller, she attended Northern Illinois University full-time and earned her bachelor’s degree.

Sheila has always been a hard-worker, graduating from high school at the age of sixteen and then college at the age of twenty-one. She also wasted no time when pursuing her education, and immediately after graduating from Northern Illinois University, she earned her master’s degree in accounting.

Always dedicated to getting the job done, Sheila grew up working on her father’s farm and currently owns two more farms with her husband – experiences which give her a unique perspective when considering the financial needs of clients in the agricultural industry.

During her time as an accountant, Sheila has mastered several aspects of the financial industry by working directly within insurance, investment, and mortgage departments. She has even been responsible for training credit analysts, a skill which makes her uniquely qualified for working with investments and money management.

When she’s not working, Sheila enjoys spending time her husband Kurt and their three young sons.